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A beautifully designed home should be accented by equally eye-catching landscape design.


We had the pleasure of working with new homeowners in Rick's Circle to create an outdoor aesthetic that adds sensible style and elegance, while creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. While they chose a modern approach to architecture, they wanted landscaping that adds warmth and a feeling of coziness, grounding the home through lush textures and natural lines.

We selected multi-trunk 'Dura-heat' River Birch trees and Mexican feather grass for a soft touch, while 24 foot Slender Silhouette Sweetgums accent the extra wide entranceway. With the number of windows and open concept flow,  we took care to provide privacy while enhancing sight lines from both levels of the home.

Choosing a landscape designer should be as important as choosing an architect when building a home and we're proud to have brought this vision to life. 

Architect: Josh Zielke Homes

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