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A boutique garden design firm in Dallas.


Outdoor Aesthetics is proud to be a woman-owned landscape design company serving the greater Dallas area. We partner with homeowners to create memorable spaces for entertaining, spending time with family, and enjoying life outdoors. From small, intimate gardens to large estates, Outdoor Aesthetics employs a variety of construction techniques and elements to create landscapes that are

truly unique.


"Design, when done well, can make us ‘feel’ something - calmness, intrigue, pride, happiness, etc. Great landscape design brings forth these emotions while thinking through drainage, shade, sight lines, and ‘the future’. We are planning today for a space that will be beautiful, functional, and one of a kind for years to come. Continuous learning is at the forefront of what we strive to do – through collaboration, visiting the great gardens of the world, and experience with practice." 

- Stephanie Walker, Founder



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Custom Landscape Design

Each property and property owner is unique. We take into consideration the wants, needs, and challenges of the site, as well as how the space will be seen, used, and enjoyed. After many conversations and careful planning, we create a garden that is functional, beautiful, and one of a kind. 

We source plant material from all over the country and take care to install it with appropriate soil amendments, irrigation design, and technique to ensure its survival. 

Construction & Implementation 

Skilled craftsmen perform each phase of our construction process. We work with only master masons to install stone walkways with brick detail, while a team of expert carpenters constructs perfectly scaled lattice for climbing vines. We pride ourselves on excellent project management throughout the implementation process, keeping every detail accounted for and delivered on time. Combining the right teams with the right tools ensures a great finished product. 

Ongoing Maintenance & Enhancements

Whether it's annual color installation, mulch, heavy weeding and clean-up, horticultural and structural pruning, fertilization, turf top-dressing or pest control, we're here to help. We check in multiple times a year for all the things that"mow and blow" crews aren’t trained to do.

Gardens are constantly evolving and maturing. With our design expertise, we know when modifications and enhancements are needed for a garden to continue to thrive. 

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is the life line of the garden during hot Texas summers. Few gardens can survive without properly installed watering systems and effective scheduling. A great system is only half of the equation – appropriate start and zone times is essential for plant health. We can help with irrigation design, installation, or modifications to an existing system. We also install updated controller systems that can be operated from a smart phone. All great garden designs are accompanied by an expert watering system!

Special Events

We work with home owners, party planners, and interior designers to design the perfect event, backdrop, or seasonal display. Partnering with a homeowner or interior decorator, we'll select plantings for a seamless indoor to outdoor aesthetic, assist with staging for a photo shoot, or prepare a home for sale.

We'll take the stress out of readying your home and garden for parties and holidays with custom centerpieces, plantings, and seasonal color displays of poinsettias, fall gourds, spring flowers, and more.



Stephanie started her residential design career at a family owned nursery at the age of 14, where she quickly fell in love with everything from soil biology to designing and installing landscapes. She went on to graduate from Kansas State with a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design.

Stephanie started Outdoor Aesthetics in 2015 with 20 years of experience in project management and estimation, landscape consulting, garden design and implementation, and maintenance of the finished product. Having previously worked for large landscaping firms, she carries with her a broad base of knowledge and resources to tackle any project.

Starting Outdoor Aesthetics has allowed Stephanie to focus more on the parts she loves: wowing clients with one-of-a-kind designs and implementing them with a handpicked team of passionate craftsmen. She is constantly excited for every new garden, every new client, and every new challenge.

"The best part is when a client calls to tell me they've just had a relaxing evening outside in the garden, and they never would have used the space before our collaboration." 

Notes from the team...

"To me, Outdoor Aesthetics stands out not only because of the quality of material we use, but our level of respect and professionalism."



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"I was concerned that my landscape might become a one-design-fits-all project; I was able to articulate in general terms what I did and did not want to incorporate. My concerns were laid to rest with a unique and personalized landscape plan provided by Outdoor Aesthetics."

—  Barbara Davis, Dallas




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